Climate scientists are working to reduce emissions in South Africa

South African scientists have concluded a seminal workshop on Integrated Regional Observation Carbon-Climate Constraints to build the capacity to observe accurately the changing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sources and sinks. Professor Pedro Monteiro, from Stellenbosch University's School for Climate Studies, described the workshop as a bottom-up initiative to build towards a gold standard of carbon observation in three to five years. The workshop and future initiatives stemming from it will address this issue with facts and solution-finding-oriented research. Moreover, the South African Environmental Observation Network (NRF-SAEON) and the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) are investing in core scientific and engineering infrastructure capabilities. South Africa has a pressing need to improve its carbon dioxide emissions observations to increase confidence in model projections and support mitigation policies. Another workshop was held at the National Research Foundation (NRF) offices in Brummeria, Pretoria to discuss the monitoring and evaluation challenge of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in the country.

Journalist: Thulani Sigonya

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