SAFA Northern Cape ABC Motsepe League

It is alleged that KAKAMAS Juventus Football Club filed a complaint against NC Pro's Football Club for improperly registering a player using fraudulent clearance. According to information, the player in question previously played for Black Eagles Football in the Northwest ABC Motsepe League and was officially cleared with a legitimate clearance from his former club. The fraudulent one was then shown to Kakamas Juventus FC by the (X) known to Mabaleng Sports Centre to obtain money under the guise of assisting them in taking down NC Pro's FC.C Concerned player used legitimate clearance on registration card, and it appears that Kakamas Juventus FC received misleading information from X, as they had already paid him. NC PRO'S FC vs. Kakamas Juventus FC played, and no protests or complaints were filed as they lost 2-0. Even if they use article 109, they've been duped because Club has the necessary clearance, unless they have more information.

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom

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