Provincial legislature breaks down the process of moving to the 7th administration this year

Following the State Of the Nation Address of 6th Administration as delivered yesterday by the President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature have made known the time line of handing over its legacy report of the 6th Administration to the 7th. The NCPL says the official opening of the Legislature will take place towards the end of February, where the final State of the Province Address for the 6th Administration, will be delivered by the Premier, Dr Zamani Saul. Furthermore they provide that a legacy report will be tabled before the conclusion of the 6th Administration in May, which will outline achievements and recommendations by the 6th Legislature. The Provincial legislature says that the process of handing over the legacy report to the 7th Legislature will be preceded by a district engagement programme by all presiding officers, highlighting the work of the 6th Legislature and adds that residents should expect that shortly after the national and provincial elections that a second official opening of the legislative term will be held where new political party representatives will assume their roles at the Legislature once they have all been newly sworn-in as members of the provincial legislature including the Premier and the executive members. 

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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